The SGU sells out Written by eran on March 12, 2014

The rogues of the Skeptics Guide to the Universe will be holding an auction of all sorts of goodies at the convention dinner on the night of November 29.

Always a popular event at any Skeptical get-together, the money raised will go toward helping the SGU carry on their good work.

So what will be up for grabs? Steve Novella’s stethoscope, perhaps? Jay Novella’s book of jokes? A lock of Evan Bernstein’s hair? Who knows. But one definite item will be the chance to sit in during the Science or Fiction section of the SGU podcast recording on the next day of the convention. Last time the entire SGU crew were in Australia was at TAM Australia in 2010, and at that event, the big prize went for more than $900. Will it break the $1k mark this year?

You’ll just have to come along and see … and bid.

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