9:00 am Welcome and introduction (Alethea Dean & Kate Browne)
9:15 am Doctor Karl Kruszelnicki: Great Moments in Science: Real or Fake?
10:15 am Alessa Teunisse: The Psychology of Gullibility
10:45 am Morning tea break
11:15 am Someone’s Wrong on the Internet: A medical panel headed up by Dr Brad McKay (Dr Vyom Sharma, Trish Hann, Jo Benhamu, Dr Alice Howarth)
12:15 pm Lee Murray:What Does(n’t) Your Speech Say About You?
12:50 pm Lunch break
1:50 pm Dr Alice HowarthCancer Cures: Are We Nearly There Yet?
2:35 pm Kirsten BanksEmus Can’t Fly, But There’s An Emu In The Sky – Aboriginal Astronomy
3:05 pm Dr Sue Knight: Teaching Ethics Without Religion
3:35 pm Afternoon tea break
4:05 pm Carrie Poppy: Being Skeptical of Hypocrisy
4:50 pm ‘Stars in their Eyes’: A fireside chat with Prof Alan Duffy & Dr Pamela Gay
5:35 pm Closing (Kate Browne)
6:00 pm Gala drinks
6:30 pm Gala dinner



10:00 am Welcome and awards (Kate Browne)
10:15 am ‘Ghosties, Psychics and Cryptids. Oh my!’: A panel exploring the classics of skepticism, headed up by Richard Saunders (Dr Lynne Kelly, Dr Susan Blackmore, Sam Hutchinson, Beth Darlington, Carrie Poppy)
11:15 am Morning break
11:45 am Dr Vyom SharmaWhat Doctors Get Wrong
12:15 pm Dr Aaron de Souza: What The Evidence Says About Ancient Nubian Cultures
12:45 pm Lunch break
1:45 pm Dr Pamela GayUniversal Design For Understanding Our Universe
2:15 pm ‘The Prediction Project’: Richard Saunders presents his analysis of psychic success rates over the years
2:30 pm Trish Hann: Woo Woo Aimed At Women
3:00 pm Afternoon break
3:30 pm Dr Susan Blackmore: Positive Skepticism – The New Science of Out of Body Experiences
4:15 pm Yvette ‘SciBabe’ d’EntremontFood, Nutrition and ‘Wellness’
5:00 pm Closing remarks (Alethea Dean & Kate Browne)