Here are the speakers lined-up for the 2018 convention – more details about the program to be released soon.

Please note that the schedule may vary due to speaker availability and unforeseen circumstances

Saturday October 13

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and his Great Moments in Science: Real or Fake?
Alessa Teunisse and the science of gullibility
‘Someone is wrong on the internet’: A medical panel headed up by Dr Brad
Lee Murray and sociolinguistics

Dr Alice Howarth (Skeptics with a K, UK)
Kirsten Banks and Aboriginal astronomy
Sue Knight and teaching ethics without religion
Carrie Poppy (Oh No, Ross & Carrie, USA)
‘Stars in their Eyes’: A fireside chat with Alan Duffy & Pamela Gay

Sunday October 14

‘Ghoulies and psychics and cryptids. Oh my!’: A panel exploring the classics of skepticism, headed up Richard Saunders (The Skeptic Zone Podcast, Aus)
Vyom Sharma
Aaron de Souza and what the evidence says about ancient Nubian cultures

Pamela Gay
‘The Prediction Project’: Richard Saunders presents his analysis of psychic success rates over the years
Trish Hann and woo woo aimed and women
Susan Blackmore and out of body experiences
Sawbones, a marital tour of misguided medicine