Dr Karl Kruszelnicki Written by eran on August 18, 2014

Karl KruszelnickiDr Karl has degrees in physics and maths, biomedical engineering, medicine and surgery, and has worked as a physicist, tutor, film-maker, car mechanic, labourer, and as a medical doctor at the Children’s Hospital in Sydney. (At one stage, he was also roadie for rock ‘n roll legend Bo Diddley.)
His media career began in 1981, when he started presenting Great Moments in Science on the ABC’s ‘youth’ channel Double J to pay his way through medical school. Since then, his media experience has moved from radio (which he still does) to include TV, books, newspapers, magazines, scripting, professional speaking and, of course, the Net. So far, Dr Karl has written 32 books, beginning with Great Moments In Science in 1984, and including such titles as It Ain’t Necessarily So …’Bro’ (2006), which was launched, quite literally, via rocket at Sydney’s Bondi Beach (a world first). His latest book is Game of Knowns, looking at the knowns, unknowns and unknown unknowns of science. In 2012, he was named a National Living Treasure by the National Trust of Australia. And he is certainly Australia’s best known communicator of science to the public.

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