Dr Grant Hill-Cawthorne Written by eran on November 18, 2014

Dr Grant Hill-CawthorneDr Grant Hill-Cawthorne is a medical microbiologist and lecturer in communicable disease epidemiology at the Marie Bashir Institute for Infectious Diseases and Biosecurity and School of Public Health, University of Sydney. After completing medicine and medical training and the University of Cambridge he went to Saudi Arabia where he set up a laboratory specialising in pathogen genomics. His PhD was in the use of genomics for public health microbiology and as part of this he led a large worldwide study on TB genomics as well as studies on total drug resistant TB in South Africa. His ongoing research is on the evolution of drug resistance and epidemiology of infectious diseases in Australia, South Africa, Mongolia and Papua New Guinea. Grant has spoken extensively in the media on the control of the current Ebola outbreak, based on his public health role in communicable disease control.

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