Dick Smith to give convention keynote address Written by eran on March 12, 2014

We’re pleased to announce that Dick Smith, one of Australia’s best-known and respected personalities, will be giving the keynote address on the first day of the convention.

Dick is, of course, a founder and patron of Australian Skeptics. From setting up Australia’s first scientific tests of water divining with James Randi in 1980, Dick has kept a watchful eye on skeptical activity. At TAM Australia in 2010, he took part in an intimate discussion with Randi on the history, status and future of the skeptical movement – a definite highlight of the event to see two such icons of skepticism at the one time.

So it is great to have such a notable (and sometimes controversial) Australian back for our 2014 convention.

As well as being 1986 Australian of the Year and an official Living National Treasure, Dick is a businessman, entrepreneur, adventurer, philanthropist, aviator, and passionate advocate for the environment. He is active in many fields of public life, and often takes on ‘difficult’ topics such as supporting refugees and the fair treatment of Guantanamo prisoner David Hicks. His latest interest is in initiating a debate on Australia’s population policy, sparked by his concern for the future his grandchildren will face.

No doubt he will add to this controversial reputation with his keynote address on the morning of Saturday, November 29.

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